Dear great big world,I know you judge, I know you talk, I know you don’t like me for reasons of the unknown or maybe you have a reason and I just don’t know it, I know you think I have it better than you, I know you may think I’m rude, disrespectful, annoying, or too much to handle but let me tell you something even though you don’t deserve any explanation I’m going to give you one.

When I was going up, I had to work for what I wanted nothing was handed to me, so “me having it easy” you’re wrong everything I have I’ve worked my ass off to get with my bare hands and my own money. If I wanted something I’ve always had to work for it and I’m thankful for that.

When I was also growing up I was taught to speak the truth because “lying only gets you in more trouble” so if I’m rude/disrespectful because the way I speak is always truthful and its never sugar coated or filtered just know it’s always the truth. I apologize for being too much to handle to some but I know there are plenty that can handle all of me and those are the people that I deserve to be around. I’ve realized this generation is funny, people can be as fake as my nails and still want to laugh with me. I don’t have time for that, if you have a problem – tell me. If you don’t speak, please take a seat and kiss my a**.

Thank you and have a bless night. ✌🏼️